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  LIVE LIFE KING SIZE !!!!!!!!!!!!                 CK" .......and Introducing  my elder sister  KUSUM LATA SINGH G , whatever i have achieved till today is because of my sister ..

 I was born and brought up in Bhopal .I did my schooling & 

Hi!  I am KESHAV SINGH ,people used to call me "THE ROengineering from Bhopal only. From the very beginning of my life i had very Big dreams and i always wanted to do something different than others, i was good in studies, sports and cultural activities,while i was in 12th standard ,  i had been selected in Maths Olympiad under a group of top 10 students all over Asia .I have completed my engineering from Electronics and Communication Stream. I have been selected in  TCS  with a good package while 6th semester of my engineering  & also i have got offer's from theTopmost  MNC's of the country,but JOB was not my last destination ,i think JOB means "JUST OBEY BOSS"......and the future of this country does not depends upon job person's as it is in the hands of entrepreneurs ...... Mr.Bill Gates said becoming an engineer is not a very big achievement but to develop a network of engineers is a very big achievement. Today more than 79000 engineers are working for Microsoft ,that's the reason he is the richest person in this world.

I have very much belief on GOD that's why God gave me the opportunity to witness the beautiful mission of ebiz on 10th june 2005..

EBIZ stands for “Ek Behtar Insaani Zindgi”

Working for an industry leading organization that has adopted the approach of “Value creation through its teachings “is what really makes a difference to me.

At the age of 17 I had started my carrier with ebiz ,  I have  got everything (name, fame ,wealth etc) that I had desired for in my life .. i have got many offer's from the topmost institute's across MP for giving motivational speeches for the development of youth and the society ,And most importantly I have got tremendous love from my friends,my team and public etc... My life has been completely  transformed  with the courtesy of  ebiz, ebiz has given me a  winner's attitude . eBiz made me a solution provider, The Main aim of our team is development; not only we promote the educational program but also focuses on growth of any individual. Also we strive to develop more efficient leaders who help millions of people in achieving good means of life..

The great teaching system of ebiz has helped me to work with freedom, flexibility and passion .I have freedom to do what is necessary to accomplish what is asked of me, the flexibility to take care of my family responsibilities, I share a lot of passion with my team leaders for what we do. I am nothing without my team, TEAM Stands for “TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVE MORE “The team always works best when you let your leaders engage their passion and grow their personal value with maximum freedom and encouragement.

eBIZ is provided with a very positive and supportive environment that has helped any individual to improve not only  his academics but also makes him able to learn various management skills, business skills . There are two kind of skills one is hard skill and other is soft skill .Everyone is busy in getting hard skills which are Degrees and certificates,but hard skills contribute only 10% to someone's success rest 90% important contribution is of soft skills. The best thing about ebiz is ,it helps every person to develop. With the help of eBIZ  i have developed myself ,learnt many skills. I have secured the future of my family with this latest trend  .Right now my tag is GOLD DIPLOMAT but i am working as a new associate because my upline said "Behave like an owner and work like a worker" , soon i will change my tag to DIAMOND DIPLOMAT  .  Most importantly i had followed the ethics of ebiz (TRUTHFULNESS, HONESTY, KIND-HEARTEDNESS, PASSION and LOVE) which plays very important role in my success . During these 12  years of my journey i had enjoyed a lot because  i was not alone , i met with  fantastic Leaders whose role in my life is so important,without their presence i am nothing ,they are very close to my heart as they are LALIT MANGHNANI G ,DR RAJESH MANGHNANI G , NITESH KATARE G ,M S PAWAR G and Specially my elder sister KUSUM LATA SINGH  G ......Also i would like to thanks Yogesh G, Manish G , Ashish G ,Anup G , Abhishek G ,Naveen G and All my leaders.......

We have reached upto great level just because of the blessings of My Parents,my elder sisters, Late.MASTER BLASTER SUNNY ARORA G ,and As a god father he always stood besides us , always taught us what is right ? or what is wrong ? He is not his highness for me but he is his holiness for me  Dr PAWAN MALHAN SIR......

Thanks everyone for being there in my life ...Always remember Unity is our strength....we all are a part of same family .....i love u all .............

 I THINK I CAN!!!!!!!!!!! I THINK I CAN !!!!!! I THINK I CAN!!!!!! I THINK I CAN!!!!! I THINK I CAN!!!! I THINK I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I THOUGHT I COULD!!!!!!I THOUGHT I COULD!!!!!! I THOUGHT I COULD!!!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT I COULD!!!!!!!!!I THOUGHT I COULD!!!!!!!!!!I THOUGHT I COULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!